Tina Rowe


This started because I had a massive hangover due to some karoake related parisian shenanagins during a long damp boozy night before.  Me and two friends. who also felt fragile, went to Chartier a no booking super popular restaurant.  I decided to leave my pinhole in the coat rack while we ate.  They thought I was insane, which may be the case, but it’s also true that it worked so I won.  Just over a year later, I was on a train in Brazil, which had been recommended by the same two people and I found myself wondering if like the Chartier shot, things would resolve over the course of a long exposure in the way they had in Chartier.  Well they did and now I’m cooking with gas.  
Just what is a photograph anyway?  Most people think it is about freezing time.  I’m inclined to think about showing an experience.  Everybody knows flavour is lost when you freeze anything.

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