Tina Rowe

Statements of intense.

Had to write an artists statement for the exhibition in Estonia.  Nightmare. I’m putting this up to a) encourage me to think about it more and write something more coherent and b) to remind myself that my statement, like my CV, needs constant polish.  Here goes….


As an artist I am interested in investigating the effect that the surfaces art is placed on has upon the final work.  I begin with film but even that is a complex choice as even now in the world where digital is king there are decisions to be made: colour, black and white, transparency, what speed, what emulsion.  Then there is processing, printing, the list of variables is longer than I would have imagined.
I decided to bring some surfaces and emulsions with me for the residency, but I was also determined to respond to materials I found when I got to Tartu.

The wood blocks

These are photos taken on instant film. The emulsion was then lifted and placed on to small blocks of wood I found in the museum.  I participial liked the grain, so after I had primed it, i sanded it down a little.  It mirrored my transfer from my home to Tartu.

The Japanese paper

Thus paper looks quite fragile but in truth it is very robust. Light sensitive emulsion was painted on the paper which was then exposed. These images were taken on the toome hill where there is a derelict house surrounded by crow nests.  I really liked the sharpness of the shadows accompanied by the noise of the crows

The book covers

I have in the past bought books because they have had interesting covers and sometimes enticing reviews reproduced on the back only to be sorely disappointed by the actual content. I liked what the museum does with books, making boxes and sketch books.  I also liked the trouble that the publisher had gone to with the illustrations which would normally be hidden behind a dust jacket.

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