Tina Rowe

significant others

Nothing sums up the lack of someone like an empty chair.  I took these pictures on the day someone left to go home, a home so far away that it mean I was unlikely to see them again except for the occasional skype chat.

I went to the darkroom that day feeling a bit sad because of all the leaving stuff and the chair had been bothering me for a while.  Bothering me because it looks like throne. I like the idea of an empty throne. Nobody really deserves to be a king or queen.  But we somehow reach a personal consensus about some people, that they matter more than other people and when they are gone they are gone.

People gradually fall off your radar and then one day, you find yourself in some place chatting about this and that and one of the missing comes up and you think, I wonder what happened to them?

But when someone deliberately, finally, absolutely leaves, it’s a bit of a surprise that you need to get used to.

I tried to get used to it by taking some photos.  It’s my way of dancing about architecture. It doesn’t work.

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