Tina Rowe

Back to school

Well that is my first week at open school east. We are quite a diverse group and I already feel as if I have had to rearrange some of my attitudes and opinions. I always like that because it is the equalivant of flosssing. Just not letting things rot away until they start to rot the good bits.
The week has been overshadowed with the killings in Paris. Two of the other students are French and one is about as brown as me. We had a brief chat about people responding to our colour, especially in the art world. So much for the wealthy liberal educated elite.
The first day we had a walk with one person leading at a time. That was good despite the driving rain. I did not stick to the rules and chatted a little bit. It was really good in parts and annoying in other parts. It is january, it was wet enough to soak my sprayway jacket and may my DMs cold and uncomfortable.  In the afternoon we told the plot of a movie to the group from the viewpoint of a particular character. I chose shrek and spoke as donkey. It took me ages to come up with that. It reminded me of theatre sports when I was at college. When your head empties of ideas it really does empty.

Day two and we made a group photograph. Or at least 4. Most of the group were opposed to it. This was also interesting as they are younger than me and it seems they are far more concerned with image and what they are prepared to endorse than I ever would be. Hari, a Sri Lankan student studying anthropology, had a lot to say about the way in which UEL like to make use of ethnic imagary in their recruitment.

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