60 Minutes at Speakers Corner

The main theme appears to be some kind of monotheist slap-down between the fundamental Christians and the fundamental Muslims.  Still, people listen, they join in.  I like it, though it reminds me that our society is increasingly polarised between the comfortable and those tolerating increasing discomfort. Using instant film in the cold and the wind is problematic, but kind of worth it.

60 Minutes with Fotosynthesis

I met Ingrid Guyon when I helped out on a project for Fotosynthesis in early 2014.  they had this genius idea for teaching year 4 kids about measuring and maths that involved gettingthem to make pinhole cameras, to take photos and develop them.  Nothing beats seeing a kid watching a photograph coming up in the developer.  We stayed in touch and that summer I helped her out when she was taking portraits at the South Bank Centre.  I took polaroids of the process.

60 Minutes with Tim Andrews

About a year ago, I had a fight with my husband and, I went off to the park with the polaroid back, my hasselblad and a pack of fuji instant film.  In the course of an hour I shot the pack, screwed up two in the process and felt pleased enough with the results do some more.  So, in the last 12 months i have done a little set in some properly unrelated places including my mother’s kitchen, speakers corner and a tiny town at the end of a small gage steam railway in Brazil. If you asked me why …