I’ve recently been taking portraits for the wax project.  I have never seen myself as  portrait photographer because I feel uncomfortable looking closely at people despite the fact I do it all the time, but in a furtive and private kind of way.  I know and like all of these people, one of them I have known for over 20 years so I have had plenty of time to study him at close quarters.  I really enjoyed doing it and may do more in the future.  It is funny that these have turned out so well as it was inadvertent.  I started with a single portrait that I wanted for a particular purpose and the rest of these shots came out of that.  I can’t help wondering that if I had explicitly started out to take portraits, I would have got bogged down in all kinds of details that would have ended up with me shelving the whole thing because I am prone to procrastination and not hugely confident when it comes to asking for what I want.

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