Little Races

I’ve been sitting on this forever.  I have wanted to make work about the experiences of transracial adoptees but I’ve been shy and unconfident and full of excuses why I should not do it and lazy, I’m prepared to admit that I am capable of lazyness, just not very good at it because I am also a high achiever when it comes to feeling guilty about lying on the sofa watching daytime TV.

Anyhoo, I got made redundant at the end of July from a parody employer.  I sat about plotting revenge for a while and then I thought fuckit, make that work you have been banging on about since Noah docked.  So here is the start of it.  For those of you not up to speed, I’m transracially adopted.   I grew up in a town full of white people, I had a very weird relationship with my skin colour, but on reflection, not half so weird as just about everybody else.  Amongst other stuff I learned growing up I learned  I am not nor never was any of these things:

  • Lucky to have such a beautiful sun tan
  • Lucky not to need a sun tan
  • Like one of ‘you’ even if you think of me that way
  • A dusky maiden
  • Better at sex than white girls
  • More available than white girls
  • Impressed with ‘your’ colourblindness
  • Interested in being colourblind
  • Tolerant
  • Ignorant

I’m a little race.

I am unpacking those items and I’m pretty sure a whole lot more with some other trans racially adopted people.

If for some reason you have accidentally arrived on this page and you share the fundimental weirdness of transracial adoption, and would like to be part of this project (you don’t have to sit for a portrait) you can contact me through the form at the bottom of the Info page.