Art School

I am starting at Open School East on Thursday 8th January.  I’m kind of daunted and excited by the whole thing.  I’m most worried about being so much older than everybody else, including all the tutors, but also about my lack of basic artschool.  I should be ok though. I have set upon a project about gentrification, though I am pretty sure the system is awash with this kind of thing.  Nevertheless, I am personally interested in the changes that have been happening around where I live and I am even more interested in the lives of the people who were here before the developers realised that rather than gouging out ever smaller bedsits from victorian housing and just building stuff would make more money, so I reckon I may be bringing something to the table that hasn’t paid a visit before.

My project is intended to get locals to map and photograph the area as they experience it.  I see plenty of beardy plaid dressed people wandering about with zeniths and praktikas as well as iPhones and the like, archly photographing Ridley Road and other stuff.  Good for them, but that is fresh and new eyes.  I can’t help wondering where the photos taken by the locals are, what would you click on that you’ve been walking past all your life?  I do this photographing thing as a reflex. I just always have a camera.  What about if you never do, or if you do, you save it only for selfies.  I thought I had forgotten some of what it was like to see my first pictures come out, but I haven’t and it was kind of magical.  I really hope that I have the ability to extend that to at least one other person who isn’t one of my mates.

Anyway, seemed like a good reason to play this: