Tina Rowe

Work On Sale

Until the end of 2022 and maybe longer I will give a 100% discount on the price of these objects providing the purchaser donates a minimum of 70% of the cost to Fundacja Ocalenie. The discount code is Ocalenie. The tiny catch is I’m going to need a little proof of the donation because I’m not completely daft.

Fundacja Ocalenie helps refugees, migrants and repatriates to build a new life in Poland. They help find housing and renovate rooms or flats, fill out documents, offer therapy, teach Polish, and provide legal assistance. In 2021, they helped 2825 people from more than 90 countries. They have good networks, a lot of experience.

All of these objects were made by printing analogue negatives on oyster shells. Some of the shells are very old and were picked up from the foreshore of the Thames in Central London. Some of the shells are modern and were found along the Thames Estuary between Sheppy and Birchington.

The images were either from found negatives or from photographs I took as part of other projects and commissions.

Each shell is first subbed, to help the emulsion adhere to the surface. They are then coated with multiple layers of customised photographic emulsion.



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