Tina Rowe

Who is it Who Comes

Who is it Who Comes


This work was made in response to Cal Garbat, one of the the disused fabric factories that dominate the village of Vilassar De Dalt near Barcelona. I was invited as part of an artists exchange for the Revela-T Festival. 

Cal Garbat was built in the 19thC . The industry collapsed after WW1 and the factories were sporadically used and maintained decaying down from beautiful, expensive complex fabrics finally to producing screen printed t-shirts with glib and smutty slogans for people on package holidays on near by Majorca. At some point even the t-shirts were unsustainable and the factory was suddenly abandoned, or perhaps evacuated, leaving documents, screens and bolts of fabrics scattered about. 

This is one of two sculptural objects constructed from what I found and then destroyed while making long exposures using a pinhole camera. The title comes from a ghost story by MR James about a sinister entity that is only ever glimpsed.

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