Tina Rowe

Rynek Głowny, Kraków II

A view of Kościół Mariacki, (St Mary’s Basilica) and the roof of the Sukiennice or Cloth Hall taken on Christmas day 1992 or 3. I taught English in Poland between 1991 and 1994 and spent a lot of my time walking about the city taking photographs. I took this image while I was wandering about town on my own looking for somewhere I could get some food.

The negative was developed in my bathroom in Krakow in 1992 and printed on a slightly thicker than is common ancient oyster shell in 2020. The shell was mudlarked from the Thames foreshore near London Bridge. The shell has seen some damage and layers have flaked off over time. This leads to an differentiation in the way the emulsion sticks to the shell giving different surfaces and textures. The shell also has a lot of colour which will have come from minerals in the water where the oyster grew.


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