The Pecking Order

You ever been spat at? Out of the blue? You ever been told to fuck off back to where you came from by someone who is so similar to just about everybody else you know that you would be hard pushed to pick them out in an identity parade? You ever been shopping in a department store and have other people served before you even though you’ve been there longer? You had your card conspicuously checked in to make sure it isn’t stolen when all you want is to buy a bottle of wine to go with a meal you’ve invited your friends to? You ever had someone stick their face right up to your face and bellow ‘white is right’ into it, flecking your face with their spittle while you are wondering if they are going to belt you?

I have.

You ever tried to explain what that is like to a group of people who profess to love you and care about you but who also dismiss what just happened to you as some kind of an aberration and that it should be glossed over because it’s not the norm?

I have.

You ever woken up and the first thing you read is about how the president of the most powerful country in the world completely failing to call a halt to his supporters chanting ‘send her back’ about a an elected member of the senate who you also happen to share genes with and then hear the flagship news programme of your national broadcaster fail to report this in the headlines, preferring to let us all know that an american actor has had one of the charges of sexual assault dropped against him.

I just did.