Gorilla Splinters

Gorilla Splinters
Gorilla Splinters

I love my phone, it’s the best phone i have ever owned, it takes fantastic photos, i have apps that let me keep notes and make drawings, i can even update websites and write code.  Mostly, it’s a camera for taking photo notes and going back later to take the photo.  LG wrapped the front of my camera/phone in Gorllia Glass ®.  One thing that always bugged me was that the glass is only on the front, the back is made of normal glass, there is a crack there.  But when i went to buy the wood for this picture, i dropped my phone and the front glass splintered into a million little pieces.  That’s why this is called Gorilla Splinters.

The photograph that this image comes from is of a dill flower that just sprang out of nowhere on the allotment.  I have printed this in many different ways.  This was an experiment to see if it was possible to embed different things in the layers of acrylic.  I have another piece of work I want to make and before i started messing with that, I wanted to try something out.

I have been spending a lot of time in the British Museum and the V&A lately, taking a particular interest in Japanese art.  This is because of the lacquer ware they create.  I like the effect that the layers of polish and sanding make on the image.  I also like the way they break things down making small compositions made up of many other compositions.

The initial photograph is not in sharp focus and the film was cross processed, so there is a lot of green and blue in the print.  There is also a lot of bokeh which helps the flower to stand out. I wanted to emphasise the abstraction and the blue.  I cut the image up in several ways before I was satisfied with the shape.

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