Covid commemoration Callout

My usual response to a crisis is go to the pub, have a nice cold beer and wait for it all to blow over. Well that’s not really working as from Thursday 5th November 2020, the Winchester and all the other boozers are once again closed, except for takeouts, though not booze, or something, I really have no clear idea as there appears to be no clear direction from the corridors of power, I’ve a suggestion to make, why not join my Covid Commemoration?

I had been hoping to encourage people to use the analogue photobooths to send me a strip of 4 photos, back, facing left, facing right and straight on, as per below. I am rephotographing them and putting them on plates as part of my commemoration of this, whatever it is. However, sending the good people of the world out into the world where they may well be accosted by some of the other people of the world who may or may not have the virus seems churlish at best. So I am asking for people to send me photos that they’ve made of themselves in the style requested earlier – in case any of you want to go off piste – that I can print out and do some analogue stuff with and this will culminate in those images printed on plates, like in the good old days when people made plates to celebrate posh people getting married to people they really shouldn’t have married.

my mother loved this kind of thing
commemoration plate
Here’s one I made earlier – got a special mention in the Fix Photo Festival
Full set
This is a full set of plates

Before you ask, no, you won’t get your plate, you will get a photo of your plate. That said, if you give sufficient money that I can make a substitute plate, then I’ll make you a plate.

So here’s the thing, I need:

a set of 4 photos of you that looks as close as possible to a photo booth photo.

you must be wearing a mask there must be 4 shots facing in the following directions

  • back of head
  • facing left
  • facing right
  • facing straight on.

here’s a handy example:

plus a little video to give you a better idea:

Music taken from Sweetly by Estelle.

I genuinely don’t mind what order this is done in, though I have discovered that the back of the head one takes some arranging in a photobooth, so I suggest that one is first. I also don’t mind what you are wearing or not wearing, but you must bear in mind that it should be the same scale as a passport photograph, so if you are planning a fruity one, I need your mask to be on your face and your face to be about half of the image. otherwise, knock yourself out.

That’s it. no other rules or requests.

You can submit your images/ask for more info here on this handy google form i made: