Workshops at the Dhaka Art Summit and Bistaar Arts Complex February 2018

In February this year I was invited to give workshops as part of the Dhaka Art Summit and for the British Council at The Bistaar Arts Complex. The plan was to be part of a team delivering four workshops during the summit, plus another workshop in Chittagong. I went with Eleanor Von Browne, Trish Scott and Fraser Muggeridge. It was great, not least to be with three other people I either didn’t know all that well, or had never met at all but whose company I thoroughly enjoyed, in a place I had only ever heard about but had no real …

My practice went to Barcelona and all I got was this tiny badge.

  I have been on an artistic exchange in the Catalan village of Vilassar de Dalt as part of the Revela-t analogue photo festival with nine other artists and it was great. Well the first night when we almost had to walk 10km back to hostel wasn’t a high point and if I am honest sitting through a movie in Catalan subtitled in Spanish before that was also not a high point and I won’t bore you with the details of the full English tribute breakfast I had for dinner which to be honest was definitely not a high point, …


Performance 14 November 2015 My work has recently been around the subject owning the image and dictating what the camera shows, the performance was a way to include other people in the process, so I got my audience to turn on their torches on their cameras make their mark on the film.


The 1976 edition of the Penguin Book of Love Poetry is divided into sections: imitations, declarations, persuasions, celebrations,  separations and desolations.  The section with the poems I like the most is separations.  There is something intrinsically interesting about looking at things being pulled apart.  I like these poems that put into words the maelstrom of dejection where everything glitters with loss.  Where the writer examines what was through the lens of what is gone.  There is something very satisfying about pulling something apart and restructuring it.  

60 Minutes with Tim Andrews

About a year ago, I had a fight with my husband and, I went off to the park with the polaroid back, my hasselblad and a pack of fuji instant film.  In the course of an hour I shot the pack, screwed up two in the process and felt pleased enough with the results do some more.  So, in the last 12 months i have done a little set in some properly unrelated places including my mother’s kitchen, speakers corner and a tiny town at the end of a small gage steam railway in Brazil. If you asked me why …

Public Transport

You take two journeys on a bus, first the one that gets you from A to B and then the other one that you body must undergo as you are jostled and pushed around by the movements that the journey imposes on your body. [envira-gallery id=”2992″]


A lack of darkroom made me start to consider other ways of getting images on to paper.  It seems so long ago and so unlikely now considering all of the darkrooms that have sprung up all over the place.  It’s been the saving of my relationship with photography because I am bored if it is just click and print it as close to how it looked in the first place.  I love the preparation, the thinking, the discussion, mixing chemistry, coating, all of it.  

lith printing

i liked being in the darkroom when i was in poland because the evenings are very dark and there was bugger all else to do once you’d had a couple of periogis and were wired on kawa parzona. i bought all the equipment from a bizarre shop which sold lovely hats at the front and photography stuff at the back.  it cost me about a million zlotys which was thirty quids in proper money in the dark and distant past. all of my other experiences in the dark room before or after were pretty miserable affairs. first at malvern adult …