Surface and Light

We put up our first e5Process Exhibition in the Archive Gallery at the Rose Lipman Library, ex-home of my old alma mater Open School East in mid November. An exhibition of experimental photography practice from the E5 Process Darkroom Collective.  Archive Gallery, Mill Co Project, Rose Lipman Building, 43 De Beauvoir Rd, London N1 5SQ. Artists: Guy Paterson Tina Rowe Ben Bradish Douglas Nicolson Sebnem Ugural Liz Loveless Adrian Ensor Pauline Morphett Rachel Thomson Balint Bolygo Event Photos on Facebook

lith printing

i liked being in the darkroom when i was in poland because the evenings are very dark and there was bugger all else to do once you’d had a couple of periogis and were wired on kawa parzona. i bought all the equipment from a bizarre shop which sold lovely hats at the front and photography stuff at the back.¬† it cost me about a million zlotys which was thirty quids in proper money in the dark and distant past. all of my other experiences in the dark room before or after were pretty miserable affairs. first at malvern adult …