The Obscure

The title of this piece is the Obscure after the book about Jude Fawley by Thomas Hardy.  The image is also printed on the text from a 1917 edition.  There are lots of reasons for this but the main one is if you don’t have an education, you are screwed. I’ve never read all of Jude the Obscure despite the fact that Thomas Hardy is one of my favourite writers. It’s just too bleak and sad. Even Michael Winterbottom’s film with Christopher Ecclestone and Kate Winslet is too much for me to sit through; poverty, siblicide, suicide all under the …

60 Minutes at Speakers Corner

The main theme appears to be some kind of monotheist slap-down between the fundamental Christians and the fundamental Muslims.  Still, people listen, they join in.  I like it, though it reminds me that our society is increasingly polarised between the comfortable and those tolerating increasing discomfort. Using instant film in the cold and the wind is problematic, but kind of worth it.


The 1976 edition of the Penguin Book of Love Poetry is divided into sections: imitations, declarations, persuasions, celebrations,  separations and desolations.  The section with the poems I like the most is separations.  There is something intrinsically interesting about looking at things being pulled apart.  I like these poems that put into words the maelstrom of dejection where everything glitters with loss.  Where the writer examines what was through the lens of what is gone.  There is something very satisfying about pulling something apart and restructuring it.  

Public Transport

You take two journeys on a bus, first the one that gets you from A to B and then the other one that you body must undergo as you are jostled and pushed around by the movements that the journey imposes on your body. [envira-gallery id=”2992″]


A lack of darkroom made me start to consider other ways of getting images on to paper.  It seems so long ago and so unlikely now considering all of the darkrooms that have sprung up all over the place.  It’s been the saving of my relationship with photography because I am bored if it is just click and print it as close to how it looked in the first place.  I love the preparation, the thinking, the discussion, mixing chemistry, coating, all of it.  

The Wantonness of Statues

There is something a little bit uncomfortable about the pose and look from this statue.  She seems very knowing and not quite appropriate for some one prepubescent.  I walked past her once and found myself going back a couple of times. I wanted her to stand out in black and white as she was actually verdegris.  Behind her the tress were dark and still green but they did’t have a great degree of tonal difference to the statue and it was important to me that her face, the round shapes on her eyelids as well as the softness of her …