Surface and Light

We put up our first e5Process Exhibition in the Archive Gallery at the Rose Lipman Library, ex-home of my old alma mater Open School East in mid November. An exhibition of experimental photography practice from the E5 Process Darkroom Collective.  Archive Gallery, Mill Co Project, Rose Lipman Building, 43 De Beauvoir Rd, London N1 5SQ. Artists: Guy Paterson Tina Rowe Ben Bradish Douglas Nicolson Sebnem Ugural Liz Loveless Adrian Ensor Pauline Morphett Rachel Thomson Balint Bolygo Event Photos on Facebook

The Obscure

The title of this piece is the Obscure after the book about Jude Fawley by Thomas Hardy.  The image is also printed on the text from a 1917 edition.  There are lots of reasons for this but the main one is if you don’t have an education, you are screwed. I’ve never read all of Jude the Obscure despite the fact that Thomas Hardy is one of my favourite writers. It’s just too bleak and sad. Even Michael Winterbottom’s film with Christopher Ecclestone and Kate Winslet is too much for me to sit through; poverty, siblicide, suicide all under the …


The 1976 edition of the Penguin Book of Love Poetry is divided into sections: imitations, declarations, persuasions, celebrations,  separations and desolations.  The section with the poems I like the most is separations.  There is something intrinsically interesting about looking at things being pulled apart.  I like these poems that put into words the maelstrom of dejection where everything glitters with loss.  Where the writer examines what was through the lens of what is gone.  There is something very satisfying about pulling something apart and restructuring it.  

Residency in Estonia: Little Books

The printing museum makes boxes out of old book covers, there were lots of them around so I used them as frames for cyanotypes that were made either from direct sun printing or contact printing from negatives. [envira-gallery id=”3016″]


A lack of darkroom made me start to consider other ways of getting images on to paper.  It seems so long ago and so unlikely now considering all of the darkrooms that have sprung up all over the place.  It’s been the saving of my relationship with photography because I am bored if it is just click and print it as close to how it looked in the first place.  I love the preparation, the thinking, the discussion, mixing chemistry, coating, all of it.  

significant others

Nothing sums up the lack of someone like an empty chair.  I took these pictures on the day someone left to go home, a home so far away that it mean I was unlikely to see them again except for the occasional skype chat. I went to the darkroom that day feeling a bit sad because of all the leaving stuff and the chair had been bothering me for a while.  Bothering me because it looks like throne. I like the idea of an empty throne. Nobody really deserves to be a king or queen.  But we somehow reach a …

The Christmas Portrait

This is Christmas in Krakow, late in 1993 or early 94.  This family are sitting on a large crib and getting their photos taken.  They are a strange kind of family.  She dominates in her hound’s-tooth coat, scarf and sunglasses. Her Imelda Marcosness does something to the arrangement that makes the image superficially all about her.  But then again, the father brings to mind Dr Aziz from A passage to India for some reason, older and wiser, plumper, but with a little more thought the lead actor in this play.  But who could look anything less than a supporting character to …