A lack of darkroom made me start to consider other ways of getting images on to paper.  It seems so long ago and so unlikely now considering all of the darkrooms that have sprung up all over the place.  It’s been the saving of my relationship with photography because I am bored if it is just click and print it as close to how it looked in the first place.  I love the preparation, the thinking, the discussion, mixing chemistry, coating, all of it.  


I’ve recently been taking portraits for the wax project.  I have never seen myself as  portrait photographer because I feel uncomfortable looking closely at people despite the fact I do it all the time, but in a furtive and private kind of way.  I know and like all of these people, one of them I have known for over 20 years so I have had plenty of time to study him at close quarters.  I really enjoyed doing it and may do more in the future.  It is funny that these have turned out so well as it was inadvertent.  …