Oh look, squirrel

This past two and a half months I have been mostly thinking which is a nice way of saying having ideas and doing absolutely nothing with them. This is a problem because I have a hell of a lot of things to do in a relatively short space of time, I have deadlines. Douglas Adams used to say something about loving deadlines and the wooshing sound they made as they went past. I envy that, I cannot be so sanguine about a deadline  even one like: that’s a nice idea, write it down in the next 10 minutes or you …


The 1976 edition of the Penguin Book of Love Poetry is divided into sections: imitations, declarations, persuasions, celebrations,  separations and desolations.  The section with the poems I like the most is separations.  There is something intrinsically interesting about looking at things being pulled apart.  I like these poems that put into words the maelstrom of dejection where everything glitters with loss.  Where the writer examines what was through the lens of what is gone.  There is something very satisfying about pulling something apart and restructuring it.  

Residency in Estonia: Little Books

The printing museum makes boxes out of old book covers, there were lots of them around so I used them as frames for cyanotypes that were made either from direct sun printing or contact printing from negatives. [envira-gallery id=”3016″]

60 Minutes with my Mother

Ritual is important.  The breakfast ritual doubly so, another night survived, another morning washed and dressed, make up on and ready to eat, ready for the rest of the day.

words fail me

Quick opinion poll: which one of these statements is true? a) Barack Obama is the first black president of the United States of America or b) Barack Obama is the forty fourth white president of  the United States of America. If you answered a,  he’s mixed race so he’s not exactly black per se, so perhaps you should go to the back of the class and try to work out if answering a makes you a racist.  If you answered b, you should probably get your eyes tested as that is a very weird kind of colour blindness but for …

60 Minutes with Tim Andrews

About a year ago, I had a fight with my husband and, I went off to the park with the polaroid back, my hasselblad and a pack of fuji instant film.  In the course of an hour I shot the pack, screwed up two in the process and felt pleased enough with the results do some more.  So, in the last 12 months i have done a little set in some properly unrelated places including my mother’s kitchen, speakers corner and a tiny town at the end of a small gage steam railway in Brazil. If you asked me why …

A to B Invisible

After my last post about privacy I feel I should fess up that I also have a dog in the fight that goes a bit further than photography: I made a short film, ostensibly to learn Premiere Pro, but also because I liked a song and didn’t like the way it was on shown on YouTube.  I made the film using short sequences shot on a Nexus 4 mobile phone, mainly on the London Overground on my way to and from work.  The shots are of people who are for the most part looking at their phones.  I liked the …

Making images in public, making images of the public

I’ve been following the case against Arne Svenson with a lot of interest and I am glad that it has been resolved in his favour.  Some of these photographs are quite beautiful when taken as images of calm domesticity but his method opens up a can of worms that says more about affluence and the assumed rights it appears to bring than it does about the ethics of the photographer. The issue with Svenson’s photographs is they are of the insides of people’s homes and he took them using a long lens from outside their homes and did not ask …

Public Transport

You take two journeys on a bus, first the one that gets you from A to B and then the other one that you body must undergo as you are jostled and pushed around by the movements that the journey imposes on your body. [envira-gallery id=”2992″]